QualityTime - My Digital Diet


Manage how you use your Android device


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QualityTime - My Digital Diet is a tool that lets you discover your Android smartphone habits, and even gives you the option to shake them up if you're not pleased with them.

Once you run QualityTime - My Digital Diet for the first time, the app will start registering everything you do with your Android device: how many times you unlock the screen, how often you use each app and for how long, and basically how much time you spend looking at your Android's screen.

Knowing all this is useful in and of itself, but QualityTime - My Digital Diet also gives you a set of tools so you can correct some of the habits you don’t like. For example, you can activate usage alarms for different apps, so if you go over X amount of time in an app, an alarm will alert you to this fact.

Another interesting feature is the 'take a break' option. When you activate it, your device stops displaying notifications, so you can take a proper break from it.

QualityTime - My Digital Diet is a very interesting app due to all the information it can give you. Think you spend too much time glued to Whatsapp? Well now you can be sure of it.

Requires Android 4.0 or above

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